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Hi There

Well here we are, contained in a flushed waterspout of weird art and music fitting to something you'd scavenge at the deepest corners of a rummage sale. This is a place to uncover offbeat variations of art (e.g. digital/traditional works, music, animations, comics, storyboards, etc.) and hopefully a resting place to bring an iota of happiness to your day. So, as you please, feel gratuitous to peer at the old and new while I clock in to add more additions. *u*

Heads up: If the background is blank on the homepage just reload it. Same goes for a few other pages.


(#1)I've been trying to add in background audio. I'm having alot of issues, as for some reason the music plays on IE but not Chrome (Even on IE the audio bar pops up instead of being hidden). So you'll notice some minor updates with the mp3. *Site works best on Microsoft Edge

(#2)I added some new menu icons just for the sake of visual improvement. Only thing I need to figure out now is how to prevent the objects/text under them from moving (whenever the mouse hovers over an icon). If you have any idea in how to resolve this, shoot me an email.

(#3)So I got a majority completed for the art hub (still heavily under contruction), so I thought I may as well add it. There's still alot to develop and fix, so expect some key things to be missing.

(#4) Fan-art and DT boards now in the art hub. I will try adding any other pages soon.

(#5) New drawings are up in the art hub along w/ some other minor updates. ;)

(#6:11/25/17) The comic page is now open, so check it out ya bums.

(#7:12/24/17) Brand new digital art is now up + a new song in the music page. :0

(#8: 2/26/18) LoOk OuT, because new work will soon be posted. Also I'm developing a short animatic project, so once it's complete, it'll be added to the soon-to-be-opened "Animations" page.

(#9:8/1/18) After being back from a long hiatus from this site, I'll be updating certain pages with more content (at last). I'm also glad to announce that I'm making an instrumental album with 8 new songs, so keep an eye out for any future news. ;))

(#10:8/9/18) The full album, Diamond 2001, is out now at the music page. Give it a listen!

(#11:8/22/18) The Rodové Hideout is now open! Listen to chill/personal favorite music and OSTs, all after a hard day's work. Music will also be renewed occassionally, mainly during the evening (4-10p.m. est).

(#12:11/26/18) Greetings web surfers! I know I haven't updated the website in a while but I've been really busy with college applications so I'm trying my best to stay on top of everything. I will post some work from my portfolio in early December but in the meantime you could check out my older artwork in the arthub and enjoy the wonderful breezy flurries going on outdoors. =U

(#13:1/22/20) A spaceful hello, .com people! I'm happy to announce 3 new songs that I've been developing since early last year, so it should be all finished by this coming weekend. Also, after this project is uploaded, I'm going to commit myself to updating the art web section in a more consistent fashion, especially with all the art-related projects I'm tackling in school. But that's all the sporatic news left up my sleeve, let's hope for another good year to you and TAW!

(#14:2/5/20) Quick announcement- because I've been so occupied with time-draining school projects (consisting of a short film, storyboards, etc), I'm going to have to push those 3 songs to early-late February. Apologies for the delay, but It's best to space out all of my workload so everything is completed with little stress. Anyways, I hope your calamari stew cooled down, I know you've been waiting since early sunset. Seeya later internet friend!